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Your skin wants you to try this

(sponsored) When it comes to skin care, I think most of us are looking for products that are easy to apply, super effective, and not packed with nasties. About two weeks ago I was introduced to True North – a new Danish skin care brand whose philosophy is to offer high quality products for women who wants a straightforward beauty routine with impressive results.

True North became a reality after years of research (in fact the team behind measured and analysed the skin of 100.000 women) and the need was evident. Dryness, stress, pollution, harsh products and makeup were all leading to a whole lot of skin related problems, and True North made it their mission to develop a skin care line that would keep the skin in balance.

One of nature’s little wonders is Aloe Vera, that is widely known for its calming and balancing power. True North created a unique Aloe Vera Balancing Complex, which is used in every product and de-stresses the skin because everyone knows that balance is key to a happy and healthy skin.

Over the past 10 days I’ve been testing True North (though I had to take a small break while I was in Paris last week and didn’t have any travel sizes to bring), and I’m very pleased with the products and the result so far!

Until I started with True North my beauty routine included a cleanser and a day cream (for day and night), and sometimes a serum. That’s it. No eye cream. No toner. It’s never taking me more than one minute to prep my skin for day and night.

I’m in the beginning of my thirties, and fine lines, pigmentation and lack of/or too much moisture are all issues I’m dealing with. I’m a working mom, and there’s just too few hours in a day. Adding more products to my beauty routine wasn’t really a part of my plan, but I’ve learned that the extra minutes I now spend on my skin day and night are not only for the sake of my skin. It’s also for me and my well-being. Cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream and day/night cream helps my skin to look its best while it helps my mind to unwind and rewind. And all it takes is five more minutes.

As mentioned before, I’m super pleased with the products – especially with the fact that the fine lines on my skin seem less visible right after I’ve applied the products. I’m not sure if the secret’s in the toner, the serum or the cream, but since they all work together it’s probably the combination of them all. On top of that my skin is less oily (especially when I wake up in the morning), and it feels less irritated during the day, which is so amazing.

I’m sure this won’t be the last you’ll hear of True North on my blog… Stay tuned.

Go visit True North here (where you can also book an in-depth skin analysis to find out more about your skin and its needs).


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