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(sponsored) Last week Costume (that’s the amazing magazine I work for) and Clinique joined forces to celebrate Clinique’s new skincare line, Pep-start. The event kicked off at 7am (yikes) in the morning but that didn’t stop the many Copenhageners who showed up from swapping their bed for a morning party to pep-start the day. Myself included.

We all want to look our best. All day, every day. A great skincare routine won’t necessarily provide you with a glowing skin, and I honestly believe that a beautiful skin starts with a healthy lifestyle – eat your greens, get your sleep, don’t forget to exercise and drink plenty of water. However, there are so many things that impacts the skin – and sadly we can’t control it all. Breakouts and pigmentation spots are often related to hormones while a dull skin can be caused by pollution or lack of deep cleansing or hydration. Take good care of your skin – from the inside and outside – and it will show.

Pep-start is here to pepstart your skin (and your day), and I’ve had the pleasure of trying the face cream, cleanser and eye cream over the last couple of days. The Pep-start hydroblur moisturizer takes the prize as my favourite product in the range so far. I love the delicate and almost velvety feeling of the cream that does not only hydrate your skin but also blurs fine lines and pores – almost like one of those skin perfecting filters that we know from Snapchat. The priming effect makes it absolutely perfect to wear under your foundation, and I also really like the matte effect is has on my skin, which tends to get shiny during the day. The moisturiser works for any skin type and if your skin needs a little something extra (like anti-age, brightening etc.) you can easily layer it with a serum that works on your specific issues.

Learn more about (and shop) the products HERE.

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