MATCH MADE IN HEL Group Fashion show "THE RUNWAY" in Helsinki Airport.



MATCH MADE IN HEL Group Fashion show "THE RUNWAY" in Helsinki Airport.



(sponsored) Usually a runway is associated with models showing off the latest designer collections, or with a plane taking off or landing. #MatchMadeInHel made it their mission to pair the two, which resulted in one of the most extraordinary fashion shows I’ve attended over the years.

In short, seven designers from China, South Korea, Japan, the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Finland were invited to showcase a selection of their new Autumn ’16 collections on Helsinki Airport’s runway 33 – and I was honoured to be among the guests.

The talent was obvious but one designer really stood out. Hyein Seo may not ring a bell but her streetwear inspired approach to fashion has already made her a name in the industry. A few years ago she graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp with a collection named Bad Education, and the baddest gal of them all, RiRi has declared herself a fan already. Seo hails her inspiration from hiphop, the 1990s, and the movies of Jim Jarmusch and Dario Argento (I had to Google them too), and for the Autumn ’16 collection titled ‘Lady Vengenace’ utility coats, supersized bomber jackets and race car inspired bodysuits lands her a top spot as one of the coolest designers to watch.

I can’t wait to see more of this designer – and to get my hands on some of her pieces. Till then, I’ll add myself to her following on Instagram.



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