neverfull epi louis vuitton

neverfull epi orange

louis vuitton neverfull

louis vuitton neverfull shop

louis vuitton neverfull epiBag ‘Neverfull in orange’//LOUIS VUITTON, scarf//LOUIS VUITTON, shoes//LOUIS VUITTON, skirt//TIBI, top//TIBI

louis vuitton epi

louis vuitton neverfull raspberry

louis vuitton epi shop

louis vuitton neverfull shop

louis vuitton neverfull raspberry

louis vuitton shoes shopBag ‘Neverfull in raspberry’//LOUIS VUITTON, suede leggings//LOUIS VUITTON, shoes//LOUIS VUITTON, bag charm//LOUIS VUITTON, top//RÜTZOU, bike//VELORBIS

louis vuitton yellow neverfull

louis vuitton neverfull yellow

louis vuitton yellow neverfull

yellow neverfull louis vuitton


louis vuitton shoesBag ‘Neverfull in lemon’//LOUIS VUITTON, shoes//LOUIS VUITTON, bracelet//LOUIS VUITTON, dress//BY MALENE BIRGER

louis vuitton neverfull monogram

neverfull monogram louis vuitton

louis vuitton sunglasses

louis vuitton monogram neverfull

louis vuitton street style

louis vuitton monogram bagBag ‘Neverfull MM in monogram’//LOUIS VUITTON, shoes//LOUIS VUITTON, sunglasses//LOUIS VUITTON, bag charm//LOUIS VUITTON, top + pants//CAMILLA & MARC

Back in London, back on the blog. I blame my absence on Copenhagen Fashion Week, a beautiful wedding and above all Louis Vuitton, who turned last week into an unforgettable week.

Louis Vuitton recently launched the iconic Neverfull bag in a rainbow of colourful epi leather – and during Copenhagen Fashion Week I got to play around with them on some of my favourite spots in Copenhagen. Lemon, cyan, orange, indigo, raspberry, fig and black – there’s a colour for every girl and every occasion. And if you prefer the classic monogram fear not – you can always add some personality by getting your favourite colours and initials printed on it.

I went for 4 very different looks to show the diversity of Neverfull. I dressed ladylike for the orange, classic for the lemon, rockchic for the raspberry and graphic for the monogram. As you can see it’s the kind of bag that looks amazing with whatever your style is and that’s why I love Neverfull so much. When investing in a tote bag, which most likely will turn into your everyday bag, it has to have the diversity of Neverfull.

And now the big question. Which colour will you go for?

All pictures by David Ole Wolthers



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  1. What a beautiful photoshoot! What method did you use to tie the scarf around the orange bag? It’s a very elegant look, and I’d love to try it with one of my scarves.