Introducing My Blend

(sponsored) The concept behind My Blend is simple. Age, skintype and lifestyle clearly reflects the state of your skin, and since no one is the same, our skincare shouldn’t be the same either.

I got to know My Blend a few months ago and was immediately intrigued by the personalised approach to skincare. My Blend is created by Dr. Olivier Courtin, the son of the founder of Clarins, and is built around five different day creams and five different night creams. As with any other cream on the market you choose the one(s) that will suit your age and skintype the best, and then you have the opportunity to customise it by adding a booster or two.

So how do you know what face cream, and which boosters your skin will need? It couldn’t be easier. My Blend offers a skin diagnosis, the My Blend Skin Diag, online or in one of their super luxurious My Blend by Clarins spas around the world. You simply answer 21 quick questions about your age, lifestyle (sleep patterns, travels, stress levels, weather etc.) and skin condition and based on your answers you’ll end up with the products that will make your skin happy. It’s quite funny, and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

I ended up with the 03 Stress Management Cream for day and night, and was recommended to add the Radiant Burst, Antioxidant+ and Anti Jet Lag boosters to my routine. I felt like a little scientist when I blended the boosters into the creams, which are both super light and have a lovely and subtle smell. I’ve been using the products on and off (you’ve got a lot to test as a beauty director) for the past month, and I especially love the day cream that makes my skin feel fresh, hydrated and ready for a new day!

Next on my list is to try one of the My Blend by Clarins spa somewhere in the world…

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